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Akronym: TELMER
Evropská komise – program Erasmus+
Registrační číslo: 2022-2-EE01-KA210-ADU-000101583
Hlavní řešitel: Eesti Keele Instituut (Institute of the Estonian Language)
Spoluřešitel za ÚJČ: PhDr. Kamila Smejkalová, Ph.D., oddělení jazykové kultury ÚJČ AV ČR
Doba řešení: 2023–2024

The objective of the project is to develop a training course for language consultants to improve their consulting experience. Language consultants will have the chance to raise their qualifications through the planned training. The second objective is to establish a network of language consultants and to develop universally applicable standard for the language consultancy system's operation. The implemented activity in this project is sharing knowledge and collecting best practices of the language consultancy system, on which the language consultants' needs are mapped. Based on that the special training program curriculum for language consultants is developed and the first training is completed. In cooperation with partner organisation the universally applicable standard for language consultation and a foundation of a network has been created. Language consultants who have been trained and are professionally skilled provide the best counseling service for the entire society, including officials, representatives from many professions, and private individuals. Clear communication, plain language and correct use of language increases the tackling the misinformation in the whole society.